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DonuTheme provides services for anyone who has difficulty designing or redesigning a web site / template. Design and redesign that we can do for Blogger users, or for those of you who have their own cms website, you can. There are several conditions before making a request:

Design Redesign Services / Mockup
Before ordering, there are some conditions from us that you want to know in advance

  • Prepare and send the Proposal / Concept / Or Mockup Design desired (via file or live chat) so that our work can be more efficient to the contacts available
  • If the design submission is approved, it means that we are sure we can do it and will start the process (will be notified via contact reply).
  • For the time limit of our work can not be determined, but the client can set a time limit for us during the work and the deadline is reasonable (not arbitrary).
  • For those of you who want to use our services but do not have time to make a concept / design concept, you can choose the "Up to Us" option for the desired design (If there are more requests, you can enter additional requests)
  • If the design is not appropriate or lacking, you can submit a revision 1 free time

      For the price of our services for now it does not provide packages, but I pegged prices starting at $5 depending on difficulty on demand. Prices may vary depending on demand and therefore establish the concept before asking for services.

      We do not want to serve clients who constantly ask for additional changes improperly (arbitrarily) because clients like this will make it difficult for us to waste our time. Therefore, please write in as much detail as you want to do in the detail / proposal file before giving it to us.

      If interested, you can contact us via
      WhatsApp : Soon
      Instagram : Donutheme
      Email : [email protected]
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